Full Moon in Taurus

October 24th at 1º Taurus

- Conjunct Uranus
- Square the nodes
- Opposite Venus & Sun
- Trine Saturn

This full moon comes with some pretty tectonic shake-ups. We’ve been, for several months, experiencing the rumble of Uranus in Taurus (it played into the summer’s Mars retrogrades and is now dancing with Venus’ rewind). Uranus is a volatile sparkle of change! This smacks the Taurus drive for certainty and stability right across the face. Many of us have been finding ourselves in overwhelming jaw agape WTF moments.

Full moons are already times of heightened emotional frequency. They often have us acting out. The sun opposes the moon and makes visible all her emotional glory. With the moon conjunct Uranus the potential for this is heightened and made more precarious. Because the moon is in Taurus, Venus is responsible for her. But Venus has her hands full right now. She is sorting through some serious muck. Venus is retrograde in Scorpio (a sign she’s gotta work extra hard in). Venus wants to connect and exchange and Scorpio can sometimes raise an eyebrow in distrust. All this leads to a situation where Venus is less equipped to handle the moon’s needs. It could all be overwhelming.

A key piece is accepting, or moving towards accepting change. This is gonna feel difficult as the Taurus drive clings desperately to what can be counted on. We grip and grasp and flex and yet we slip. Many of us cling to our shadow, our pains, our wounds. The body adapts to our distrust and to our distress. When confronted with our wounds, we must fight like hell to stop capitulating to our patterns of pain. We must dig new canals that can irrigate the most parched of our internal landscapes. Nothing makes these realities come into focus more than the encounter with another. This is Venus’ terrain. She is here to connect. And with the moon responsible for our need to attach, the forecast suggests some intense entwining with one another.

How brutally beautiful that in our joining we betray our notions of singularity. How absolutely devastating that we cannot hold onto this imperfect us. Yet, this is the beauty, too big for just one set of hands. Through our encounters, universes spiral before us, complex multiplicitous hybrid and uncertain. Humble, we must stop flexing and feel ourselves simultaneously as driver and passenger. We must be willing to go on the journey. Venus retrograde signals this type of voyage. We must be willing to move and be moved. And right now we are being asked to go in and go under. With Uranus, there’s a current of change hurtling us towards new journeys. Pace yourself and breathe as you voyage. Trust the process and remember even light has to travel.  

If you’re feeling this tumult. I send you breath and ease. I send you eyes capable of seeing your capacities to chart new paths towards relationships that can hold you in all your complex wholeness, and that reflect to you the truth of your infinite worth.