Mercury Retrograde

November 16 to December 6

Mercury has a crucial role (one of many) as a messenger. Its purpose is transmission.
It's easy to fall into crises of meaning around truth: what is real, what is clear, what are the facts? My mind turns to the title of Yvonne Rainer’s autobiography “Feelings Are Facts.” She is not wrong, but like language, the fact of feeling is positioned in a big gigantic landscape of subjectivity. Something can be true in one location but not everywhere else.

We’ve been in DEEP feeling time. Venus’ retrograde and Jupiter’s finale in Scorpio have dug into deep wells. We have excavated much of that personal and crucial subjective truth.

As Venus stationed direct, Mercury went retrograde. There is a shift in energy (Jupiter’s movement to Sagittarius, where it oversees Mercury’s retrograde. The nodes movement into Capricorn and Cancer). Many of us will feel a desire to move, shift, activate what has been brought up. What is crucial to remember is that the pathways Mercury is walking are very very cloudy. (It’s in Sagittarius and square Neptune, where details dilute and dissolve). If you are trying to move forward from places where you’ve felt difficulty, know that the function of Mercury, to communicate, collaborate, to make sense etc. are in very impressionistic palettes. It would be wise to remember patience, to remember that everyone sits in their own subjective reality, that everyone’s feelings are facts.

Misunderstandings occur, a LOT. Sometimes it’s not that you are saying something wrong, but that who you are saying it to doesn’t know how to hear you. This is frustrating, but know that if the goal to be understood (to forge a pathway between two subjective truths), you may have to find different ways to say something. Or maybe that’s not the goal. Perhaps it’s expressing exactly as YOU deem appropriate. Sag loves that warm reckless “fuck it!” attitude.

I think it’s good to check in around that desire. If you’re caught in Mercury retrograde snares- ask yourself if you wanna compromise towards understanding? Or if you just wanna say your piece and move on. Respond accordingly. Neither is better than the other. But if you want to be understood? Will you compromise for that? Will you be patient with that? Can you hold space for the facts of feelings that are not your own.

As a P.S. - I think this Mercury retrograde could be very helpful for Mercury’s dreamier creative capacities. Get creative, read, journal, dance, draw! Dive into your subjective pursuit of knowledge and connection. Turn up the romance but stay crystal clear that you’re gonna have to work harder when it comes to logic, clarity, and “we’re on the same-page” pursuits. Sending love y’all!