Into 2019: a very Capricorn Week

New Year’s love to you, angels. I send you my sturdiest wishes for a blessed 2019.

There are many powerful themes to 2019’s astrology. Including some meaty energy for our sense of hope, expansion, creativity, and spirituality. There’s also a sober and serious energy at play throughout the year. Remember that astrology isn’t about points, but about relationships between points. Many things happen simultaneously. A web is always at work. Let’s look at a few things happening in this first week of 2019. If you wanna go deeper book a Year-Ahead reading at

- Sun Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn
- Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
- Mars in Aries

2019 brings the eclipses, by and large, to the Cancer Capricorn axis. The Cancer Capricorn axis is extremely potent in how it speaks to our deepest needs for growth, both internally and externally. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, concerns itself with where we sacrifice and work beyond what feels easy. It rewards hard work. Capricorn is concerned with where we are responsible and what we are responsible to. It tests us to grow within systems, structures,  and metrics of success that are bigger than our feelings about them. Capricorn asks us to situate our labors in these systems. It is not surprising that early iterations of Saturn were as a deity who ruled agriculture. There is an inextricable correlation between planting and patience. Saturn reminds us that whatever is in the seed will be in the fruit, and that growth takes time.

Sometimes strong Saturn energies surface in the form of depression or anxiety. The vulnerable animal of the body shrieks as it collides with the harsh truths Saturn asks us to sit with: terrible things happen, the past is always present, we are all gonna die. It can feel like we are slamming into time, like we have no control.

When I work with these patterns in my body, I find astrology to be a very helpful tool. If a difficult swell of anxiety is moving through my body I will often name it and honor it as Saturn. Saying, OK, I see you. I thank you. Or I will look around the room at all the death energy. Wood furniture that was was once a tree; the weave of thread in my clothes that were once plants connected to rich roots in earth; the fruit on the table on its way to decomposition in my gut; the ancestors who have made my life; the top layer of my skin cells ready to fall away. I do this as a way of honoring Saturn and the vast cycles of time, of life and death that structurally support my living.

Cancer, ruled by the moon, speaks to how we bond, attach, and experience love. Cancer asks us where we need and where we are needed. Cancer wants to know about how we can unconditionally love, nurture, and soothe. Ruled by the moon, great archetype of the mother, Cancer wants us to feel secure. Cancer has space for our softness while Capricorn asks us to toughen up. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the duration of 2019, the Capricorn pole has an excess of planetary power. This energy might ask you to work harder and with more commitment. It might slow you down by introducing obstacles or restrictions. Remember that the zodiac functions as a whole. I highlight Cancer because it is the polarity of Capricorn. They are always in relationship to one another. If you find yourself stuck in excess of either energy check in with the other. Working too hard? Check in with Cancer around care, love, your body. And vice versa.

Nobody needs astrology to tell them we are in a crisis of Capricorn energy. The limitations of the systems and structures that frame us are doggedly exerting control in ways that highlight their myriad of egregious shortcomings. The potent news is that we are moving towards a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. This is historically, not an easy transit. But easy is often an impediment to our growth. We are all going to have to exert solid and committed effort but there is potential for major shifts. Pluto rules death, transformation, meaningful change. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn we have to be willing to really look and to really work. Even if it’s uncomfortable & even if we have to sacrifice. What change is worth your efforts and your sacrifices?

We will have several chances for vision into all this in the coming days:

January 2 - Sun conjunct Saturn

Not bad astrology for the traditional New Year’s resolution. Saturn is all about resolve and commitment. Expand your thinking to include Saturn’s need for us to think beyond our feelings. Where does your life need effort and commitment, but also where does your community need you? Your relationships? Where does this planet? Where does the past and the future need you? Like the deity Saturn, imagine yourself a patient and steady farmer. Imagine yourself a steward of time (because you are). What do you resolve to show up for

January 5 - Solar eclipse in Capricorn

This new moon eclipse begins these eclipse cycles. I see this as a particularly potent eclipse in terms of how it sets up the next year and a half. In the dark of the new moon, find time to reflect on Capricorn energy in your life. There will be six planets/points in Capricorn at this time (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, South Node). Find Capricorn in your chart. Which house is it? What planets are there? Key words to think about are honesty, integrity, effort, perspective.

There’s a sextile, a supportive aspect, from Neptune in Pisces. This energy can help link your sense of effort to a deeper sense of belief. What are you planting for? Stay close to that knowledge. Hold it tight AND most importantly, show up for it in real ways. Water it, expose it to the LIGHT of day, nurture it. Fuse the Cancer Capricorn energies by showing up with great effort and great love. It is one thing to want to commit to something. It is quite another to show up for that commitment every day. New Year’s is FULL of these kinds of intentions. Show up with Capricorn-style honesty and Cancer-style care.

There will be eclipse energy back at play in the summer. Pay attention to what percolates now because themes will resurface.

January 1 - Mars in Aries

As 2019 gets underway these energies can be supported by Mars in Aries, a sign where it is strong in rulership. Mars in Aries can give us access to our energy and give our energy a surge. This adds some fuel to the fire to get going on this work. Aries and Capricorn square each other by sign so make sure you pace yourself. Slow and steady, angels!