Mars Square Pluto

Astrologically, Pluto's domain is full of deeply buried intense material, formidable power, unconscious energies, past traumas, grief, death, transformation.

Such intense material needs protection. It's not surprising that mythologically Pluto's domain, the underworld was guarded by a three headed dog, Cerberus.

Mars is a warrior energy of conflict and confrontation. In it's own sign of Aries, Mars is very strong and holds the sword ready to defend us.

These two squaring off is a provoking energy and a volatile one. It’s an energy likely to stir the sword and wake the defense of the dog. Power and defense are activated!

We live in a world that has asked many of us to develop hyper vigilance. To develop well-honed defenses as responses to hurts, traumas, and injustices. Many of our bodies carry deeply embedded matrices of complex protection devices.

Sometimes those reflexes are overactive and we’re in defense mode a LOT

Mars square Pluto will likely provoke some of these defenses.

How do we stay in touch with where our responses are about real and present danger. How can we know if we are responding to residue of past wounds.

How do we truly protect and love ourselves in the process? Which battles call for the sword in mundane word? and which ones have us battling ourselves in the underworld? When can the dog rest? When can we lower the sword?

My therapist once had me imagine separating the protective part of myself (which had become hyper-vigilant and overactive) as an actual guard dog sitting at my feet. A beloved companion capable of fierce protection but also tremendous love. She said “this dog takes its cues from you. Walk around with her. You let her know when you need protection” It’s a very simple exercise but I use it often. Many days I walk through my life with my imaginary dog at my side. We have become great friends and our relating is about much more than protection. Through externalizing my defenses it’s given me a greater access to presence and to bravery. I am learning more and more about when I need the sword and when I don’t. Look down. Do you see your dog? Introduce yourself. She already loves you.