Mercury in Pisces

Sunday, February 10th
Mercury in Pisces (extended piece about it below).

Tuesday, February 12th
Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries!
I’ve been hardcore feeling Mars since it’s square to Pluto on February 1st. Lots of folks I’ve been speaking to have been feeling it as well. Did you read the piece I wrote about the imaginary dog? How’s your dog! Mine has been BARKING! TAKE CARE LOVE MACHINES! Everything is a lot. Mars is poking at some intense energy! On the 12th, Mars will conjunct Uranus at the very last degree of Aries. Uranus is in its grand finale of its time in Aries (June 2010 - March 2019), and it’s heading out with a bang! Heads up! Look out for shakeups, surprises, and general WTH! Vibrations! Slow down, angels. Pay attention so you can surf the waves Uranus might provoke. It’s a volatile collision!

Thursday, February 14th - Monday, April 1st
Mars into Taurus
Praises! I’m so ready. Though Mars traditionally is in “detriment” in Taurus, I am eager for the slow down. Know your energy might shift. Mars wants to go fast and Taurus wants to go sloooooooow. Mars wants it sharp and Taurus wants it soft. Since Mars will be in Taurus while Mercury is in Pisces (and for the entirety of the retrograde), I’d say go with the slow and low flow. You don’t have to do everything. Take your time and use your energy with great care.

Sunday, February 17th
Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries
We’re so close to the end of Uranus’ time in Aries. Do you know which house Aries is in your chart? Think what Uranus has been revolutionizing in that house for you. A whole new chapter is about to be written with Uranus in Taurus (you might have gotten a taste May - October 2018) but spend some time thinking about what is coming to a close. What has been transformed?

Monday, February 18th
Sun into Pisces!
Happy Solar return, you gorgeous devoted fish!

Monday, February 18th
Venus conjunct Saturn
It’s Venus’ turn to be in conversation with the power brewing in Capricorn. Today she meets Saturn. This is not the easiest, but I’m honestly a little excited for Venus in Capricorn. There has been so much challenging provocation to Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, the south node eclipse). Venus has a tendency to cooperate, collaborate, harmonize, beautify. I am trying to use Venus as a sweet diplomat towards all that was uncovered in January. If you’ve been doing ritual work around that, use Venus this month. She might have to weather some harshness as she interacts with Saturn, but I have great faith in her. Venus’ day is Friday and she is stronger after sunset.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury moved into Pisces on Sunday, February 10th, where it will remain, due to its retrograde, until mid-April. That is a long time for the typically swift messenger to stay in one place.

Mercury has many many roles: the shape-shifter, the psychopomp, the magic of the mind, all forms of communication, the craftsperson, the salesperson, the market. But I wanna focus on Mercury as our mental landscape. Mercury gives us capacity to travel with the mind to places we dare not go with our flesh and blood. As anyone with thoughts knows, this is a miraculous blessing, and a nightmare of a curse. It’s no wonder that Mercury is often characterized as a “neutral” energy: neither inherently good or bad. Mercury responds to what surrounds it, to contexts, to stimulus. Our minds function similarly. The contexts of our living create the landscapes of our minds. We follow suit by allowing the landscapes of our minds to create the contexts of our living. All this to say, Mercury is powerful. Your mind is powerful.

Mercury is technically considered to be in detriment in Pisces, and the Internet has made an Olympic sport of freaking out about Mercury retrograde. It’s easy to panic about words like “detriment” and retrograde, but an important piece of astrology is looking at why these classifications began in the first place. The traditional classification of “good” often reflects an energy of agreement and material growth. What does that mean when we live on a planet plagued by crisis of material growth? What does that mean when conflict is a crucial component of growth? Some important and necessary work is done in these “detriment” places and during these retrograde phases.

So if Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, let’s consider what that means, technically. First, Pisces (water sign concerned with devotional dissolution, spirit, feeling) is the polarity to Virgo (earth sign concerned with committed service, detail, discernment). Mercury rules Virgo. So Pisces is as far away from Virgo as Mercury can get. However, we must think about the polarity as a beautifully interwoven whole. Pisces sings, “Everything is Everything”, to which Virgo responds, “Yes! And everything matters!” Mercury knows this. So when Mercury is in Pisces, the detail dissolves into those warm Piscean waters. We get a brew of diluted details, impressions instead of certainties, facts that have collapsed into feelings. This is not necessarily a “detrimental” thing. That quick, clear, concise A-to-B function of Mercury might be compromised but we have an incredible invitation with Mercury in Pisces, to FEEL our way!

I think of Mercury as the psychopomp, one who can easily move between worlds. While Mercury is in Pisces we have access to aspects of Mercury we might not know as well. Pisces opens up gorgeous oceans of feeling, spirit, meaning. During this time we can use Mercury to surf these waters. Think of the way poems, prayers, songs, dance SPEAK to us. We feel them.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating hiccups in communication, commerce, and technology. All of these are places where Mercury’s speed and clarity are important. Delays, miscommunications, and malfunctions are annoying but they are manageable. This retrograde, I recommend imagining Mercury getting a sweet retreat in the waters of Pisces. Remember how wildly important your mind is. Slow down. Give it rest. Give it water. Give it space. Work with Mercury’s more watery expressions so that it can respond with that holy phrase, “I feel you. I feel this.”