Full Moon in Virgo

Blessed full moon in Virgo, my dears!

Monday and Tuesday come with a queer blending of astrological energies. Monday, Venus in Capricorn will conjunct austere Saturn, and Mercury will conjunct intoxicating Neptune in Pisces. Early Tuesday morning, we get a full moon in Virgo, opposing the Sun right as it slides out of Aquarius and into Pisces. It’s an odd blend of hard and soft.

Mercury rules Virgo, so Mercury is responsible for this full moon. Virgo is typically a sign that sees the specifics - committed to perfection through logical execution and dedication. With Mercury in a conjunction with Neptune, Mercury’s capacity for exacting clarity is compromised by Neptune’s love of dissolving details. Since this conjunction happens in Pisces (the sign of Mercury’s detriment), it’s a cloudy filter to lay over Virgo’s drive for clarity. Considering it’s a full moon, this is a recipe for a soup of mixed emotions.

Virgo is a master editor - trimming, cutting, and clarifying with exacting specificity. Yet it’s a delicate balance. It’s all too easy to edit something into oblivion; to squint at something for so long that you forget what you’re looking at. Cutting here, and here, and here (and here!), until all you have is a shredded mess. The same goes for all “intentional” work - this is Virgo terrain. Who hasn’t been in hours of so-called processing: slowly realizing the only thing being processed is a deeper experience of confusion, alienation, or soupy subjectivity? Processing and editing can be like Jenga. You keep pulling at it, and the whole damn thing will fall.

Full moons make us all a little impulsive and emotionally activated. For this full moon, calm it down and go slow. Take the time to squint at what you’re looking at, to step away so you can look from a distance, to change your vantage point. There’s no way to see everything all the time. Remember to think about your edits before making your cuts, before pulling your Jenga pieces.

(Pro tip- go slow and steady now b/c Mercury is entering its retrograde shadow. Meaning the terrain Mercury is treading will be revisited in March and April).

P.S. - If things don’t go perfectly this week, take care. Venus, our beloved lady of blending is having some tough entanglements while she hangs out in Capricorn. On Monday she meets Saturn and on Friday she joins with Pluto.