A Very Murky Mercury Retrograde and Uranus into Taurus!

March 5th 2019

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces today! It’s already been a wonky ride with Mercury in Pisces mingling with Neptune. It’s gonna get wonkier!  Be open to the rocking of the waves and the feelings they provoke. If you’re finding yourself in murkiness that’s to be expected. Go slow, listen to your body, follow feeling, be patient. I wrote a piece HERE.

March 6th 2019

Tomorrow New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. These are days to be led by faith, my dears.  A major theme of 2019 is the sweet squaring btw Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter rules faith and is the traditional ruler of both of these signs. This new moon is carried by a strong Jupiter. Let it point you towards faith, trust, and feeling. Pour your love and energy into vessels that inspire a sense of hope. These are the crucial containers worthy of your sweetest dreams.


Uranus heads back into Taurus until 2026!

*We got a foreshadowing prologue -  May 2018- early November 2018. What was percolating??

Uranus is the great awakener. Often compared to Prometheus, Uranus comes bringing some innovation/insight/occurrence/accident that changes the game completely, and often permanently. Like Prometheus’ gift of fire, Uranus transits bring us exciting/terrifying/brand-new tools with which to shape our lives. The shapes these tools take are often intense! Uranus can be a surprise or a shatter. I am reminded of the fine line between excitement and anxiety.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Taurus is the least inclined to acquiesce to Uranus’ call for change. Of all the elements Earth is the most difficult to change. When we look at Taurus’s expressions in earth, we’re looking at what we can put our hands on. What is tangible, sensual, material? Uranus is bound to do some rearranging and shifting of the earthiest layer of our living.

Remember that Taurus, our holy cow, likes to go slow and steady! It’s ok if there’s an adjustment period! Like that beautiful cow of Taurus, it needs time to digest! To chew! Think of the cow’s four stomachs: it takes time to metabolize something into energy we can use. If the rumbling is producing more anxiety than excitement, find time to chew the cud. Invite your body toward change with Taurus-style sweetness. Make sure there’s space for the body to catch up. Our very smart - sometimes very unhelpful - thoughts are great at telling us we know everything, but the body moves slower. These Uranus A-ha! insights can’t truly resonate without the body coming along. Especially when we’re talking Taurus!

This is all particularly important because this is a LONG TERM transit (Uranus is in Taurus until 2026). March’s astrology is full of cloudy swirls of subjectivity. Within 24 hours of Uranus’ move into Taurus, Mercury turns retrograde, there’s the dark night of new moon in Pisces, and the sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. All of these bring lots and lots of dreamy FEELINGS, not clarity.

By and large, Uranus will reward your boldness, and willingness to make changes in your life. It’s a planet that can help us get unstuck! It’s an invigorating time that will activate a lot for a lot of you! But take care. It’s destabilizing. Which house is Taurus in your chart? What planets are there? Spend some time thinking about what needs a dramatic overhaul? As Uranus’ seven-year tenure in Taurus begins, hold space for the soupy Pisces energy of right now. Go slow enough to see what you’re doing, staying closer to excitement than anxiety. Combine the current dreamy astrology with the longer term Uranus shift and ask yourself what is begging to be reimagined? What new dreams need you?

Work with me!