Vernal Equinox + Full Moon

Happy Spring, dear ones!

I’m a giddy buzzing hummingbird-heart feeling the sun’s return. This year’s equinox is marked by a beautiful full moon at the auspicious zero degree of Libra. Zero is dripping with potential.

Technically, a full moon is when the sun sits opposite the moon. So, if we know the full moon is at zero degrees of Libra then it follows that the sun is at zero degrees of Aries. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, they begin at the equinox points and (like all the cardinal signs) welcome new seasons.

Taking the technical astrology a step further, we look at which signs planets rule Aries and Libra. Aries is ruled by Mars, Libra by Venus. During the full moon, these two planets will be forming a square. Squares denote frictive energy, provocative, and not necessarily “easy.” There might be some frustration or impatience.

My mind immediately thinks about what the Vernal Equinox is all about: BIRTH! LIFE! Aries season is all about the loud proclamation, “I’M HERE Y’ALL. GTFO of my way!”

The earth gets ripped open as life INSISTS on itself. Things get BORN (and that takes a lot of force!)

With Aries and Libra / Mars and Venus, we’re looking at conflicts between self and other. The baby wails as it feels a need. “I WANT!” it shrieks, but it’s helpless without a relational response, someone willing to meet that need. The plants break through, but they’d be lost without contexts of earth, water, sun, relationship.

This is our first Vernal Equinox with Uranus out of Aries (where it has been since 2010). Can you feel what changed? Can you open up to a new freshness in this area of your chart / life? Use the full moon to celebrate this chapter closing! Welcome new LIFE, capacity, and possibility to the parts of your chart and life that were changed during Uranus’ tenure in Aries.

Astrology asks us to look at more than one thing. It asks us to see this AND that. This Equinox/Full Moon release what has become stale. Get excited for new life that blossoms, but stay willing to jump into that square dance of collaboration. Meet the thrust of your personal excitement with consideration for all of your relationships. Your need for independence and interdependence both need you right now.  A “we” big enough to hold every bewilderingly beautiful “me”.

Sending LOVE!