New Moon in Aries

I don’t wanna be a downer but the internet has made new moons into cash cows for the peddling of plastic promises of new new newness. Our obsession with newness/manifesting/growth is wildly problematic. We, quite literally, are in a crisis of letting go in favor of new growth and manifesting. We toss so much out in exchange for shinier fresher models. It seems we give much less focus to maintenance.

New moons are incredibly important times for all that beautiful oft-spoke of intention setting, etc. But every new moon is different in how it is woven into the surrounding astrology.

Of all the signs, Aries is the one most in line with the idea of new and fresh. It is the least concerned with responsibilities to the past and the relational. It says ready, set, GTFO my way! I’m doing ME! At first glance, an Aries new moon seems ripe for all the platitudes about fresh beginnings, new starts, and new fire. But it’s crucial to remember that when we are looking at astrology, we are looking at relationships. So as we look at this new moon, we must look at what it constellates with.

I recently saw “Us” (SPOILER ALERT sorta?). I immediately thought of the astrology of now, and the squaring of Aries and Capricorn. How do we work with reconciling the oft-competing desires of what we want and what we are responsible to?

Aries begins spring. It is the ram. Through the right lens, spring is terrifying and violent. It is the enormous force needed for new life to break through the crust of the Earth. Like the shadows in “Us”, the force rises from below. Their scissors, a variation on Mars’ sword, cut the tether of connection. They claim their space and themselves.

But like “Us”, all cuts come with a context. All of our actions have impacts. Whether we like it or not, every force comes with its counter. Most of us have been feeling Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn banging on our bones from below. They gurgle up energies of the past, the dead, the residual. They ask us to be responsible to these old things. The Aries new moon sits in a loose square to them.

We’d* do well to spend some time thinking about this addiction to newness and innovation. We’d do well to feel the weight of the past on our backs. We’d do well to acknowledge what we belong to and are responsible toward. Like “Us”, *”We” is a very problematic word and often a violent one. The tangle of time is calling us to look at these imbalances of power and belonging. Its call is not going away for a while. I’ve written about it before and will write about it again. We can either be haunted or held by it, my dears. Use this new moon to weave pathways between Aries’ capacity for action and deep self-reliance, and Capricorn’s capacity for responsibility and sustained effort to show up for this work. Use the new moon as an important moment in a much longer trajectory of time. One that will eventually paint a different portrait of us.