July's eclipses and Mercury Retrograde

Greetings Stargazers!

I am so so happy to be in a moment where I have time to write you all. We just came out of some sensitive astrology - possibly pulverizing for some of you! Mars in Cancer opposing the Capricorn gauntlet provoked a great deal. I saw many folks meeting a limit. Emotional, physical, spiritual, material etc. much frustration, tension, and difficulty emerged in that tender friction. A lot of it emerged in relationships and in the most sensitive layers of the emotional body. If you struggled, know that June 12-18 contained some of the hardest days of the year. Those days are over. Venus will soon head into Cancer (July 3rd) where she will hopefully soothe some of the tears of Mars’ warring.  

Mars leaves Cancer for Leo on July 1st. While Mars in Cancer irritation is subsiding, there is still MAJOR astrology in July hitting some of the same terrain that was activated in June. We are just around the corner from eclipse season. Eclipses are a very big deal in astrology. Imagine experiencing an eclipse out of the context of your knowledge of it - seeing night come flooding into day as the sun is eaten by shadow. It must have been a harrowing experience for our ancestors and it’s no wonder eclipses are hugely important to astrology and that our oldest astrological texts are documents of eclipses. I try and remember these roots of astrology as visual and oracular. Staying near the truth that just because I can understand the material of the phenomena doesn't mean I can’t understand the magic of it. 

As we work in eclipses it’s important to connect them to cycles. This is our second set of eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer this year. The first eclipses were in January. What was happening for you in January? If you know your chart what was happening in your Cancer/Capricorn houses? What about the planets there? 

Light and shadow are absolutely crucial to our understanding of eclipses (and astrology for that matter) and these eclipses are bringing focus to a set of transits that is asking us to do major shadow work. Most of you will have felt the Saturn/ Pluto/ South Node combo in Capricorn bringing up something of the past. Buried material is being excavated and the shadow is making itself known. 

What has come up for you? What did you think was buried that has found its way to the surface? Let these eclipses help bring integration to the light/shadow divide. It’s likely that some scary stuff is being excavated for you (it is very clearly being excavated in the collective) but avoidance, anxiety, and reactionary wailing won't do much to quell the call of Capricorn’s guests. As Capricorn is getting exhumed by the South Node remember that the North Node in Cancer is asking to be fed. Cancer, ruled by the moon great archetype of the mother, is asking for a more watery interdependence, foundations of love based on the languages of reciprocal care. 

Cancer and Capricorn speak to compulsory contexts of belonging: Capricorn the formal and Cancer the emotional. Both remind us how deeply NOT in control we are. So much of western, and especially American values are shaped around individuality. I often think of astrology and new age circles’ interest in past lives. (I am not a past life astrologer and claim no expertise on the subject) but I am sometimes troubled by the fact that in spiritual circles how easy it is to discuss past lives without discussing the past lives of our material ancestors. The same circles that will enthusiastically discuss hypothetical histories will willfully avoid conversations about reparations and retro-active responsibilities to time. We can get lost in hypothetical meandering of spiritual projections on ourselves and others without having to look at what is also our “past life”- the life of our kin- our fathers, sisters, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, the extended family of a very imperfect and very long us. 

White-supremacist patriarchy has infected us with the belief that we can cut cords with time, relationship, context. I am completely certain that part of the shedding and purging in Capricorn is about an understanding of our “past lives,” the lives of our ancestors and our responsibilities towards them. Both in a proximal and distal sense a lot of te work of now is the work of what has already happened….As these eclipses speak, keep your eye on the shadow that makes itself visible. Don’t run from it. You knew it when you were a child, your shadow follows you everywhere. Best to get to know it. Be gentle and be kind to yourself and to others. 

Smack dab in the middle of eclipse season, Mercury will station retrograde on July 7th in Leo (then fall back into Cancer). It stations in a close conjunction to Mars which adds some fuel to the queer fire of these eclipses. 

Wednesday, June 26th Mercury moves into Leo - Mercury enjoys a brief moment in Leo where it gets a fiery boost before it heads retrograde and back into Cancer. Use June 26- July 6th to speak your bold and beautiful truth with all the heart of the lovely Lion. A dose of flair and warm creativity should feel really good in the soup of some of the other astrology. Careful not to ego-trip though. Drama is best left for the stage!

Thursday, June 27th Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus- For many of y’all there’s a whole new Taurus story brewing in your chart. Use Thursday to check in on the innovation. (Particularly important for those of you with fixed placements in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius btw 3-7 degrees). 

Monday, July 1st Mars into Leo - Praises Mars is finally GTFO of Cancer where it has been woefully under resourced and unhappy. It’s movement into Leo is a welcome shift away from some of the  passive aggressive tension of June. GET MOVING! Be bold but remember Leo’s shadow is ego! 

Tuesday, July 2nd 12:22 PDT Solar eclipse in Cancer

Wednesday, July 3rd Venus into Cancer - Venus can help bring some sweetness to the wounds provoked by Mars’ time in Cancer. Are there wounds in your relationships that need tending? Let Venus bring a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Love your people well. 

Tuesday, July 4th Saturn on the south node

Sunday, July 7th Mercury in Leo station retrograde - Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating hiccups in communication, commerce, and technology. All of these are places where Mercury’s speed and clarity are important. Delays, miscommunications, and malfunctions are annoying but they are manageable. This retrograde, I recommend imagining Mercury getting a sweet retreat in the waters of Cancer. Remember how wildly important your mind is. Slow down. Give it rest. Give it water. Give it space.

Monday July 8th Mercury in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo - Them’s fighting words! Watch your mouth, or don’t! But know others might be watching your mouth. Know that this is a fiery combo of flair and fan-flaming friction!

Tuesday, July 9th Sun in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn - Not the easiest day. The sun settles it’s bright beams on Saturn’s austerity. A day for working hard and reflecting on responsibility.