Leo Love & Post-Eclipse Processing

Ok, exhale….  Though Venus and retrograde Mercury are still in the Crab’s rough and tumble waters, We are through some of the harshest and most emotionally challenging aspects in astrology of the year. I begin this email sending you love and asking not how you are doing? but how you are undoing?  

Yes, mercury is retrograde, but all that anxiety/dread/depression/haunting/grieving you’ve been feeling is probably not mercury retrograde, but the pull of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node demanding a letting go, an offering, an ending? What has been excavated? what has been/is being grieved? What has been/needs to be released?

This year’s astrology lines up well with the Gregorian calendar. Major periods of difficulty occurred early in the year, smack in the middle, and will amp up at the very end of this year in December. Create meaningful connections between these time frames and remember the undoing process is messy. We have to purge, release, and let go. What is released is often toxic. If we spend too much time with it it will make us sick. We absolutely must go on these underworld journeys, but remember we cannot live there. Don’t build a house in your suffering. 

Allow yourself that processing to make space for the shift in energy. Leo season is coming. Leo’s holy ruler is the SUN. The sun brings light and warmth (awareness and love). It grows what is above ground. We have been in deep underworld journeys - being thrown into the past, the before, the hidden, the residue. Change the tune, let yourself find ways to live above ground, allow yourself to feel the warmth of hope, let yourself bloom visibly. Bask in the sun’s light as a reminder that simply being alive can feel really really good. 

The New Moon in Leo is on July 31st. Mark it with some heart. 

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*As always, these are the general transits. As you are learning astrology, see where these aspects are activating your natal chart. To go deeper, book a reading or inquire about tutoring. 

Sun day* July 21

Sun in Cancer conjunct Mercury in Cancer - Mercury retrogrades back into its inferior conjunction with the Sun. The inferior conjunction is when Mercury sits in the center of the sun’s heat and is brought warmth and wisdom through the sun’s capacity to centralize and illuminate. Use this day to understand that Mercury retrograde is more than just a meme. This is the heart of the reflection. What do you see? Venus completed her opposition to Pluto yesterday, see how deep your vision can go. Ask for information about what built the problem in the first place. 

Moon waning 16 - 28 Pisces 

Moon day, July 22 

Sun into Leo - Leo the domain of the sun! Ruler of light and heart and warmth. I’m very excited for Leo season to get under way. The solar energy is a wonderful counterpoint to all the Saturn of late. Find your way towards warmth, light, visibility, joy, love, and celebration this Leo season. 

Moon waning 28 Pisces - 10 Aries

Mars Day, July 23 

While there are no major aspects today, the moon weaves a queer tapestry of aspects. She squares Saturn, Pluto and trines both Jupiter and Mars. It may be a day to pay extra attention to feel how much gas to use. The gears may grind a bit. Bring your patience and your good intentions, so you can figure out how to lubricate the friction!  With all these personal planets in fire, MOVING may feel great! Direct the fire so you don't get burned by it.

Moon waning 10 Aries - 22 Aries 

Mercury Day,  July 24 

Venus in Cancer conjunct retrograde Mercury in Cancer - We are over half way through this summer’s  mercury retrograde story. What do you know now that you didn’t know in early July. Today Venus sweetens the messenger’s stirrings. Do you need to check in with something? With somebody? By the late afternoon the moon will be in Venus ruled Taurus, which further supports any smoothing or sweetening you might need to do. Venus rules harmony. Don’t forget that you have to listen to find harmony.

Moon waning 22 Aries - 4 Taurus

Jupiter Day,  July 25 

Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sag - May the fires of inspiration and action bless you (not burn you, ha!), this is a lovely fire aspect. Early in the morning, Mars, the planet of will and drive races into flowing forray with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, generosity, and meaning. There has been so much processing necessary with this summer (and this year’s) astrology, some fiery forward thrusting should feel pretty good. Like Sagittarius’s symbol, the centaur, get your horse legs and get going. (With the moon in Taurus today - there may be a jerky energy stop/start to your gate. It’s ok to take time to figure out your pace).

Moon waning 4 Taurus - 17 Taurus

Venus Day,  July 26 

No major aspects today. Dance in the residue of whatever fire is getting activated. But with the moon traversing Venus ruled Taurus, make it a sloooow dance. It’s Venus’s day! She is currently combust the sun - so maybe make an extra effort to enjoy and celebrate yourself.

Moon waning 17 Taurus - 0 Gemini

Saturn Day, July 27 

Venus into Leo - get visible loves! Applaud yourself and your loves! On Saturday night Venus joins the sun and Mars in the lion’s lair!  Leo knows how to love and be loved! What part of your chart is this impacting? Throw a spotlight of celebration and appreciation onto it! With the moon in Gemini Saturday evening - a literal celebration may feel right on time!

Moon waning 0 Gemini - 13 Gemini

*I have listed the days of the week according to their planetary correlation

Monday = Moon day

Tuesday = Mars Day

Wednesday = Mercury Day

Thursday = Jupiter Day

Friday = Venus Day

Saturday = Saturn Day

Sunday = Sun Day