Illuminating Uranus, New Moon in Leo, and Mercury Direct

Greetings my dears!

I sincerely hope you’ve been feeling the shift in astrological weather. Our retrograde Mercury slid back into the rough waters of Cancer BUT much of the intensity brought up in June and July is softening and hopefully offering itself for processing.  The movements of the personal planets into Leo increase warmth - my hope is it is heating you up beyond the literal and warming the sweetness of your hearts. If you haven’t felt a shift, consciously turning your attention towards the activations in Leo can be helpful. 

Leo is ruled by the sun, something as simple as getting outside feeling the sun's warmth on your skin can make a world of difference to the animal of the body. Something as simple as disengaging from people & contexts that bring toxicity can revolutionize how you feel. Leo rules the stage and the spotlight. As a performer, I know one of the best things about the spotlight is that you can’t see the critics! This Leo season find your way to the people and contexts who applaud & appreciate you. 

There are three astrological events of note this week.  Uranus in Taurus squaring the Sun and Venus in Leo, the new Moon in Leo, and Mercury stationing direct. Use the new moon on Wednesday to combine these energies and commit to an aspect of Uranus inspired change.

There has been so much intensity in Cancer/Capricorn this summer it’s possible aspects of the Uranus transit need attention.  I’m including some writing I did about Uranus in Taurus this Spring. Think back on what you’ve already discovered about Uranus’s time in Taurus. Where are you in the story? What new sprouts/ideas need your attention? Because Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs there should be some material place you can point to. Some very real aspect of your life that is shifting. Now with Leo joining the conversation. It’s time to show up for your shining. Leonine boldness can sweeten the situation.  (Uranus in Taurus May-Nov 2018 & March 2019- 2026)

Uranus is the great awakener. Often compared to Prometheus, Uranus comes bringing some innovation/insight/occurrence/accident that changes the game completely, and often permanently. Like Prometheus’ gift of fire, Uranus transits bring us exciting/terrifying/brand-new tools with which to shape our lives. The shapes these tools take are often intense! Uranus can be a surprise or a shatter, an innovation or an ending. I am reminded of the fine line between excitement and anxiety. 

*As always, these are the general transits. As you are learning astrology, see where these aspects are activating your natal chart. To go deeper, book a reading or inquire about tutoring. 

Moon Day July 29

Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 6 33”

Uranus, the awakener speaks directly to the conscious mind, the sun. How can the sun, the light of day, help reveal and activate the radical changes Uranus is trying to implement? This is particularly important if you have planets or points in the first 10 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) The balsamic moon flows into Cancer in the morning. As the retrograde is culminating and the summer’s messy sloshing of the Cancer waters recedes from the spotlight find time on this dark moon day to tend to the Crab’s remaining wounds. 

Waning Moon - 27 Gemini - 11 Cancer

Mars Day July 30

Deep in her Balsamic phase, the moon will oppose Saturn early morning, trine Neptune late morning, oppose Pluto in the afternoon, and conjoin retrograde Mercury in the evening. This is a dynamic and challenging set of aspects for sweet Luna to encounter.  Remember what you feed is what will grow. What energy do you need to starve? what energy do you need to nourish? 

Waning Moon 11- 26 Cancer 

Mercury Day July 31 

The moon prepares for her new moon rebirth this evening by meeting both Venus and Uranus. Mercury stands ready to turn direct! What a day! This new moon in Leo can support revelations in how you tend to yourself. Leo reminds us that like the sun, we must live from our center. With activations from Uranus, that may include some changes and course corrections. But a loose trine to Jupiter brings a blessing. Dream big & borrow the Lion’s bravery to show up for yourself with a throbbing heart. 

MERCURY DIRECT 8:58pm at 23 57”

New Moon in Leo 8 37” 8:11pm PST

Moon 26 Cancer - 11 Leo

Jupiter Day Aug 1

A warm new moon gets blessed with a trine to brilliant Jupiter early in the day. As the fiery energy is amping up this is a day to seek hope. As Venus prepares to square Uranus remind yourself how crucial your capacity to imagine is. What beauty are you sitting in right now that was once just a day dream. There are major changes afoot. Look for sparkles of inspiration. The moon meets mars, the warrior later in the afternoon which can make the temp spike from warm to hot. Watch for flares! 

Waxing Moon 11 - 26 Leo

Venus Day Aug 2

Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus 6 35”

I’ve found the Uranus story of 2019 sometimes getting buried in the intensity of the activations to the Capricorn axis. Now is the time to turn up the Uranus channel of CHANGE! Currently at 6 degrees of Taurus and preparing to retrograde it’s a good time to think of all that is shifting from the rebel’s trampling around in Taurus (began May-Nov 2018 & March 2019 -now) The sun in Leo, is able to support Venus as she meets with Uranus the awakener.  Let the scales tip from anxiety towards excitement. Venus is Leo has sweetness to bring to the table. 

Waxing Moon 26 Leo - 11 Virgo

Saturn Day Aug 3

The moon weaves a web from planet to planet in a host of interactions today. Keep the Uranus story moving. Sew it into your life. Use the moon in Virgo’s capacity to figure out details so you can weave these shifts into your life in practical AND meaningful ways. 

Moon squares Jupiter / trines Saturn / opposes Neptune / trines Pluto

Waxing Moon 11- 25 Virgo

*I have listed the days of the week according to their planetary correlation

Monday = Moon day

Tuesday = Mars Day

Wednesday = Mercury Day

Thursday = Jupiter Day

Friday = Venus Day

Saturday = Saturn Day

Sunday = Sun Day