The Way Forward Is Down - Welcome to Virgo Season


I’m gonna take a long road towards talking about Virgo, but bear with me because details matter. If you follow astrology you have probably thought of Uranus tenure in Taurus at this point. Uranus is the great awakener. Often compared to Prometheus, Uranus comes bringing some innovation/insight/accident that changes the game completely, and often permanently. Like Prometheus’s gift of fire, Uranus transits bring us exciting/terrifying/brand-new tools with which to shape our lives. Like fire, these tools can be frighteningly dangerous or spectacularly exciting. Taurus is the Earthiest of earth signs, full-bodied and undeniably real. Combine these two and it is an easy act of astrological forecasting to predict that Uranus’s time in Taurus is as a harbinger of climate crisis. 

I’m currently in an 11-week Tarot & Astrology course. When discussing Uranus and its correlation to the Fool card, my wonderfully insightful teacher, Austin Coppock, said, “The fool is looking up, but the way forward is down.”

The way forward is down.

Like the evening bellow of a foghorn cutting through an obfuscating cloud, these words entering my ear struck a soothing but mournful tone. A confirmation of something I think we all already know.


The way forward is down.

A keyword for talking Uranus is innovation, but often our thinking about innovation bears the mark of the Fool. The naivete of the upward gaze. Capitalism meets downward trajectory of “tired” with upward thrusts of coffee, spiking up and mutating into Red Bull. It meets the compulsory condition of night, of darkness, with an anesthetizing innovation of a constant up, a permanent daytime of infinite screens. Even as I sit writing, the innovations of this world make it easy for these thoughts to find you through the upward thrusts of our incessant daylight; as I sit, my upward gaze has landed motionless and terrified over and over on the same pixelated picture of the burning Amazon… But 

The way forward is down. 

If we look to myths, all downward journeys require sacrifice. Follow most myths down into the underworld and something must always be given up. Though there are massive large-scale systemic shifts that absolutely MUST happen, the truth of our downward journey into Taurus is that everyone has to sacrifice. Every single one of us has to change. Every single one of us has to give things up. If that is an easy sentence to read, read it again. 

The way forward is down.

No sign understands sacrifice like Virgo. Its correlation to the Virgin knows that to abstain is a sacred act. If Uranus announces a call to wake up, Virgo is a sign that can hear that call. Virgo rules service. The sun, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo preparing to make trines to Uranus. These trines amplify Uranus’s call from below. Virgo’s correlating tarot card is the Hermit; the Hermit’s gaze is down and backward. What past is speaking to us now? What wailing comes from under our feet? Can we redirect our focus from the upward longing for transcendence and fall into the immanence the holds us from below? Can we decolonize our ideas about innovation away from forward thrusts of up up up and dig deep into the down? 

Remember that, while Virgo holds the sacard details, Virgo cannot hold every detail at once. Virgo is easily overwhelmed. Decide where you will locate your efforts, then show up to those places with dedication and devotion. Look down to claim your place, your life, your present. Look back to claim your past, your responsibilities, your people.

We could all take a cue from the virgin and swear an oath of celibacy from those forces that try us and force our focus up, out, and away. Our attention, energy and efforts are powerful. Starve the places that uselessly exhaust you. Abstain from penetration by forces that would see you needlessly suffer. As this week finds the moon sliding into her holy dark phase, find time for quiet. The new moon on Friday carries a seed. Use the dark phase to lay rich soil for its sprouting. Water the Earth with your holy tears. 

The way forward is down.

Going Personal: Find the Earth houses (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn ) in your chart. There are huge stories unfolding here. Which houses are they? Do you have planets or points here? What big changes and shifts has Uranus in Taurus been announcing? What about Saturn and Pluto? If you don’t know that spend time thinking about the Earth element. It rules what is real. Our bodies, our blood, our belongings, the Earth itself. What is changing in this realm for you? How can you show up to the changes with Virgo style devotion and dedication. 

The personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) moving into Virgo can significantly assist your efforts to make meaningful progress on what these big Earth stories*

The key with Virgo energy is showing up for the right tasks. Virgo can be exacting on literally everything.  It can waste its efforts toiling over minutiae. Make sure you’re applying Virgo’s pursuit of perfection toward the more meaningful shifts you’re making. Then get to work! 

*As the personal planets start moving into Virgo they create flowing sign-based trine aspects to Uranus in Taurus and to Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn. Basically making a triangle or “grand trine” in astro speak. Grand trine is when all three expressions of the element (personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal) are all speaking in flowing energy. The flow is not necessarily sweetness when we look at the points of the triangle. Uranus Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all signal big excavation and total change. 

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