Into 2019: a very Capricorn Week

There are many powerful themes to 2019’s astrology. Including some meaty energy for our sense of hope, expansion, creativity, and spirituality. There’s also a sober and serious energy at play throughout the year. Remember that astrology isn’t about points, but about relationships between points. Many things happen simultaneously. A web is always at work. Let’s look at a few things happening in this first week of 2019.

2019 brings the eclipses, by and large, to the Cancer Capricorn axis. The Cancer Capricorn axis* is extremely potent in how it speaks to our deepest needs for growth, both internally and externally. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, concerns itself with where we sacrifice and work beyond what feels easy. It rewards hard work.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has a crucial role (one of many) as a messenger. Its purpose is transmission.
It's easy to fall into crises of meaning around truth: what is real, what is clear, what are the facts? My mind turns to the title of Yvonne Rainer’s autobiography “Feelings Are Facts.” She is not wrong, but like language, the fact of feeling is positioned in a big gigantic landscape of subjectivity. Something can be true in one location but not everywhere else.

We’ve been in DEEP feeling time. Venus’ retrograde and Jupiter’s finale in Scorpio have dug into deep wells. We have excavated much of that personal and crucial subjective truth.

Full Moon in Taurus

This full moon comes with some pretty tectonic shake-ups. We’ve been, for several months, experiencing the rumble of Uranus in Taurus (it played into the summer’s Mars retrogrades and is now dancing with Venus’ rewind). Uranus is a volatile sparkle of change! This smacks the Taurus drive for certainty and stability right across the face. Many of us have been finding ourselves in overwhelming jaw agape WTF moments.

Full moons are already times of heightened emotional frequency. They often have us acting out. The sun opposes the moon and makes visible all her emotional glory. With the moon conjunct Uranus the potential for this is heightened and made more precarious.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde: every year and a half, Venus goes retrograde for 40 days. Venus is responsible for how we exchange energy, whether that is in our loving relationships or how we are compensated for our efforts.

Retrogrades are times for revision. They sometimes reroute our courses into currents of challenge, but it’s good to remember that often the challenge of retrogrades give us a period for the necessary work of processing. We look backwards and consider where we have been, not just where we are going. Venus retrograde in particular asks us to remember that shadow is an inextricable relationship to light.