New Moon in Aries

I don’t wanna be a downer but the internet has made new moons into cash cows for the peddling of plastic promises of new new newness. Our obsession with newness/manifesting/growth is wildly problematic. We, quite literally, are in a crisis of letting go in favor of new growth and manifesting. We toss so much out in exchange for shinier fresher models. It seems we give much less focus to maintenance.

New moons are incredibly important times for all that beautiful oft-spoke of intention setting, etc. But every new moon is different in how it is woven into the surrounding astrology.

Of all the signs, Aries is the one most in line with the idea of new and fresh. It is the least concerned with responsibilities to the past and the relational. It says ready, set, GTFO my way! I’m doing ME! At first glance, an Aries new moon seems ripe for all the platitudes about fresh beginnings, new starts, and new fire. But it’s crucial to remember that when we are looking at astrology, we are looking at relationships. So as we look at this new moon, we must look at what it constellates with.

Into 2019: a very Capricorn Week

There are many powerful themes to 2019’s astrology. Including some meaty energy for our sense of hope, expansion, creativity, and spirituality. There’s also a sober and serious energy at play throughout the year. Remember that astrology isn’t about points, but about relationships between points. Many things happen simultaneously. A web is always at work. Let’s look at a few things happening in this first week of 2019.

2019 brings the eclipses, by and large, to the Cancer Capricorn axis. The Cancer Capricorn axis* is extremely potent in how it speaks to our deepest needs for growth, both internally and externally. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, concerns itself with where we sacrifice and work beyond what feels easy. It rewards hard work.