Natal Chart Reading ($160.00)

If you’ve never had an astrology reading, start here! Your natal chart is yours forever. Through it, we can look at resonant themes, archetypes, and energies unique to you. It’s home base, a gorgeous portrait of your gifts, challenges, and strengths that you can return to over the course of your life. At the end of the session we will look at coming months’ transits and progressions.
* 60-minute in-person or ZOOM internet meeting

LOOKING Ahead Astrology Reading ($160.00)

This is available for folks who have had the natal reading. While we will always be referring to the natal chart, this reading is specifically geared towards timing. What energy is on the horizon, what is rising, what is culminating. We will discuss where challenges, opportunities, and questions are brewing. We will discuss strategies for using these timing trends to support the unfolding of your strength and capacity. * 60-minute in-person or ZOOM internet meeting

Monthly Readings (4 months / $500.00)

Detailed monthly readings give us the capacity to get specific and track inner planet transits in addition to the outer planets. We'll have time to develop a more detailed look at the natal chart.
(All four sessions must be used within 6 months).


In this session we will deep dive into a specific area of your choosing (life’s purpose, love, career, money, spirit, health, kids etc) Select this reading for a focused look at your desired topic. * 60-minute in-person or ZOOM internet meeting

Low Income - I want astrology to be accessible for everyone, and offer several low income readings every month. If you need this option, please write me through the contact link with the subject: “Low income reading.” In the body of your response, let me know which type of reading you want and what you can afford.


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