Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node - My Goodness is Not on the Table

“My goodness is not on the table.”

A friend said this to me. They were discussing a situation rife with conflict that needed a lot of intentional care and effort. Bolstered by that important caveat, they spoke of their willingness to dive in and do the work. 

As we sit in the hangover of the tense full moon and as those of us in the United States reflect on legacies of genocide on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I’m thinking of the importance of that lens. What work could be accomplished if we weren’t so concerned with constantly proving our worth, our value, our goodness? 

This year’s alignments of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have excavated so much of this crucial reflection, inviting us to create relationships with what has come before / what will follow. Many of us are feeling buried in legacies of time  

 It’s the time of ghosts. It’s a time of responsibility.

So much of the self-consciousness of white supremacy/colonial hangover accumulates as a toxic plaque of moral anxiety. It takes the privileged conditioning of comfort and builds walls that decay our capacities, dilute our imagination, and erode our connections. Astrology is no different. It's easy to get stuck. It's easy to spend less time thinking about the tapestry of time we are all woven into and the inescapable responsibilities that come with it and instead fixate on the minutiae of our natal charts. There’s nothing wrong with this but it needs to be considered especially in the cultural legacies that frame it. 

None of that is meant to shame our gorgeous sensitivities or shrink our beautiful selves. This is crucial as shaming the feeling body is a nasty limb of those problematic legacies. The punitive practices of white supremacy can see us tying new knots as we work to untether others. We can see it here, in cancel culture, or white savior models. We end up making deals with the wrong devil. We need the devil. I love the devil. As my friend says, the devil holds you accountable...  It’s not surprising that the devil has prefigurative correspondences with Saturn. Saturn rules long term time and holds us accountable.   BUT not in some pearly gates metrics of morality or goodness. Saturn invites us into the mature reverence of disappearing into the absolute enormity of what we already belong to.

If I take my goodness off the table, suddenly there is more space. I can see my responsibilities. I can see my work. When I find myself buried under the heft of these realities, I remind myself, the work is easy. The feelings are hard. There is time to tend to both.

A Delicate Balance: Welcome to Libra Season

The Autumnal Equinox, where we are suspended in the delicate balance of light and dark, is marked as the sun crosses into Libra. The beginning of fall. 

Libra rules balance. When functioning well it’s able to manage multiple forces and energies. It weaves beautiful harmonious states through the blending of energies. It rules cooperation, peace, and justice. As a dancer I know that embodied balance, true Libra-ing is a constant negotiation of a thousand tiny falls. It’s a delicate dance WITH gravity - an honoring of what pulls from below.

Out of alignment, Libra seeks balance by simply avoiding the fall. As keeper of the peace, it's not surprising that avoiding conflict is one of Libra's more problematic attributes. But sometimes conflict is unavoidable. Sometimes Libra accepts the shellac of toxic sweetness to avoid the stink of shit when so much of now is actually about accepting that much of what we thought was "just fine" is actually very, very sick.

As I was thinking about Libra, I remembered the Edward Albee play A Delicate Balance. It follows the unravelling of an affluent white couple, Tobias and Agnes. Their breakdown begins when two terrified friends, Edna and Harry, show up late at night unannounced. Shaken by an unnamable fear, they request to be taken in as guests. Harry and Edna spend much of the play invisible, locked away in a bedroom. A physical compartmentalizing of the terror they represent. A fear that is never investigated. A necessary shadow coming to disrupt the white knuckle vigilance that likes to masquerade as harmony. It’s an awkward and incredible scene of the profound potency of unconscious terror colliding with the ossified plaque of mundane propriety, truly dangerous decorum. 

Libra rules decorum. The play’s leading character and very Libran figure, Agnes concludes the play,

“What I find most astonishing, I think, is the wonder of daylight, of the sun. All the centuries, milleniums–all the history–I wonder if that’s why we sleep at night, because the darkness still… frightens us? They say we sleep to let the demons out–to let the mind go raving mad, our dreams and our nightmares, all our logic gone awry, the dark side of our reason. And when the daylight comes again… comes order with it.”

Libra sits in the Zodiac square to Capricorn. Currently, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node claim the Capricorn seat. Formidable and powerful, they are positioned to stare down Libra placements with penetrating intensity of all that dark side of reason. 

With Saturn and the South Node conjunct again there’s a palpable energy speaking.  It’s been gut-punch intense especially April through late July. Saturn and the South Node throw us into deep reckoning - it shows up at our door as the terrifying nothing that haunts the play.  It throws us into shadow, the past, residues of what has already happened. It announces itself as the smell of shit. Unpleasant, yes, but a necessary part of processing. To Libra, this feels unsettling. To Libra, conflict feels terrifying. To Libra, falling feels like failing. 

As Libra season begins and Saturn and the South node are conjunct it’s time to seek a different kind of balance, to carve out a brave space that activates a more nuanced relationship to harmony and justice. Libra needs to be reminded in all its diplomacy and decorum that there is no such thing as neutral.  It’s important for Libran energy to remember that being led by cooperarion is a liability in a world that seeks to control. Yet avoidance is not peace. Not choosing is its own answer. Some fear cannot be run from but must be faced. While some terrors should not be invited into the house. Some no’s are very necessary. True balance means a direct engagement with that formidable dance of gravity and gravitas. The thousand tiny falls that make up balance. This Libra season what do you consent to collaborate with? What balance is worth the risk of the fall? 

*cover photo taken by Robbie Sweeny


Full Moon in Pisces - The Infinite Fecundity of Faith

I know all the Virgo energy has had many of you activated by knee-jerk/eye-dart anxiety. That anxiety has created currents of exhaustion, overwhelm, and an array of emotions springing up from overstimulation. The last 2 weeks has seen many of us slamming into the Saturn/Pluto story, the Uranus trajectory, and the Jupiter Neptune dreams. We’ve experienced startling events that correspond to the larger stories these outer planets are triggering. The range of types of experience is very broad. Whatever found its way to your door, I wish you the wisdom to know how to greet it.  I send you love. The tone will shift this weekend. 

Early Thursday, the moon slid into the warm waters of Pisces. In Pisces, the Moon opposes all the Virgo energy, creating a dynamic polarized charge. Friday sees the Moon full in the sign of the fish.  Beyond the dialectical universe, Pisces, the last sign, invites us to release the constant cataloguing, editing, and critiquing of Virgo proficiency and sweetly beckons us let go! Pisces is where we lay our burdens down. Pisces is the river in all those songs about God. 

The river moves us. Its flow is the infinite fecundity of faith - a horizon of inebriating relief. Pisces energy reveres this channel and understands its intoxicating potency. Virgo can see the beauty in this but reminds us to get a boat lest we drown in all that wet beauty. 

I always laugh a bit when people talk about our culture not having dance rituals when most weekends you can find people dressing up in their best Venus drag, dissolving into dances in the darkness, toasting the night with cups overflowing with spirits. We cut the cords of control and angels emerge, monsters make themselves known, unconscious ceremony begins. Pisces knows that consciousness is often overstated and sometimes overrated. We’re all allowed to let go. It’s ok to be a mess sometimes.  

Relief is necessary, especially right now. We need the river. Yet, just like the literal rivers of this Earth, our rivers of relief have been polluted by the grip of empire, patriarchy, and capitalism. Generations of trauma and shame choke our channels and strangle our pleasure, our faith, our joy. To Pisces everything is everything and everything is magic. It’s a sweet resonance at first, but sit with it a bit longer. Pisces reminds us that all of our habits are rituals, all of our words are prayers.

The larger stories in astrology are asking all of us to release, purge, and transform the contexts and  patterns that sever of our faith. The full moon is asking for this too in all the sweet wetness of Pisces longing. Prayers get strengthened the more you repeat them. What prayers are you repeating? What rituals are you running over and over? What needs to go? What new ceremony needs to begin?

The Way Forward Is Down - Welcome to Virgo Season


I’m gonna take a long road towards talking about Virgo, but bear with me because details matter. If you follow astrology you have probably thought of Uranus tenure in Taurus at this point. Uranus is the great awakener. Often compared to Prometheus, Uranus comes bringing some innovation/insight/accident that changes the game completely, and often permanently. Like Prometheus’s gift of fire, Uranus transits bring us exciting/terrifying/brand-new tools with which to shape our lives. Like fire, these tools can be frighteningly dangerous or spectacularly exciting. Taurus is the Earthiest of earth signs, full-bodied and undeniably real. Combine these two and it is an easy act of astrological forecasting to predict that Uranus’s time in Taurus is as a harbinger of climate crisis. 

I’m currently in an 11-week Tarot & Astrology course. When discussing Uranus and its correlation to the Fool card, my wonderfully insightful teacher, Austin Coppock, said, “The fool is looking up, but the way forward is down.”

The way forward is down.

Like the evening bellow of a foghorn cutting through an obfuscating cloud, these words entering my ear struck a soothing but mournful tone. A confirmation of something I think we all already know.


The way forward is down.

A keyword for talking Uranus is innovation, but often our thinking about innovation bears the mark of the Fool. The naivete of the upward gaze. Capitalism meets downward trajectory of “tired” with upward thrusts of coffee, spiking up and mutating into Red Bull. It meets the compulsory condition of night, of darkness, with an anesthetizing innovation of a constant up, a permanent daytime of infinite screens. Even as I sit writing, the innovations of this world make it easy for these thoughts to find you through the upward thrusts of our incessant daylight; as I sit, my upward gaze has landed motionless and terrified over and over on the same pixelated picture of the burning Amazon… But 

The way forward is down. 

If we look to myths, all downward journeys require sacrifice. Follow most myths down into the underworld and something must always be given up. Though there are massive large-scale systemic shifts that absolutely MUST happen, the truth of our downward journey into Taurus is that everyone has to sacrifice. Every single one of us has to change. Every single one of us has to give things up. If that is an easy sentence to read, read it again. 

The way forward is down.

No sign understands sacrifice like Virgo. Its correlation to the Virgin knows that to abstain is a sacred act. If Uranus announces a call to wake up, Virgo is a sign that can hear that call. Virgo rules service. The sun, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo preparing to make trines to Uranus. These trines amplify Uranus’s call from below. Virgo’s correlating tarot card is the Hermit; the Hermit’s gaze is down and backward. What past is speaking to us now? What wailing comes from under our feet? Can we redirect our focus from the upward longing for transcendence and fall into the immanence the holds us from below? Can we decolonize our ideas about innovation away from forward thrusts of up up up and dig deep into the down? 

Remember that, while Virgo holds the sacard details, Virgo cannot hold every detail at once. Virgo is easily overwhelmed. Decide where you will locate your efforts, then show up to those places with dedication and devotion. Look down to claim your place, your life, your present. Look back to claim your past, your responsibilities, your people.

We could all take a cue from the virgin and swear an oath of celibacy from those forces that try us and force our focus up, out, and away. Our attention, energy and efforts are powerful. Starve the places that uselessly exhaust you. Abstain from penetration by forces that would see you needlessly suffer. As this week finds the moon sliding into her holy dark phase, find time for quiet. The new moon on Friday carries a seed. Use the dark phase to lay rich soil for its sprouting. Water the Earth with your holy tears. 

The way forward is down.

Going Personal: Find the Earth houses (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn ) in your chart. There are huge stories unfolding here. Which houses are they? Do you have planets or points here? What big changes and shifts has Uranus in Taurus been announcing? What about Saturn and Pluto? If you don’t know that spend time thinking about the Earth element. It rules what is real. Our bodies, our blood, our belongings, the Earth itself. What is changing in this realm for you? How can you show up to the changes with Virgo style devotion and dedication. 

The personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) moving into Virgo can significantly assist your efforts to make meaningful progress on what these big Earth stories*

The key with Virgo energy is showing up for the right tasks. Virgo can be exacting on literally everything.  It can waste its efforts toiling over minutiae. Make sure you’re applying Virgo’s pursuit of perfection toward the more meaningful shifts you’re making. Then get to work! 

*As the personal planets start moving into Virgo they create flowing sign-based trine aspects to Uranus in Taurus and to Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn. Basically making a triangle or “grand trine” in astro speak. Grand trine is when all three expressions of the element (personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal) are all speaking in flowing energy. The flow is not necessarily sweetness when we look at the points of the triangle. Uranus Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all signal big excavation and total change. 

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Aquarius & the Important Friction of "not freedom"

Aquarius concerns itself with freedom, but always within context. Aquarius orients itself towards a reactive freedom. A quick perusal of famous Aquarius suns will illustrate that clearly: you’ll find an inventory of reactionaries, rebels, radicals, and the righteous. Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, seeks freedom in response & as counterforce to “not free.”

If I have a dog, my dog has a human.” 

—Donna Haraway

I love this quote. I sometimes think of Aquarius as the sort of companion-species energy of the zodiac. Even one of the oft-told myths of Aquarius, the abduction of Ganymede, tells the story of a boy abducted by Zeus and brought to live among the gods as their cupbearer, companion animal, or queer pet. Just as the dog has been created through the friction of domestication, Aquarius is created through the friction of processes of “not freedom.” 

Freedom is a tricky word, as easily weaponized as it is idealized. Like a firework, it ignites brilliant yet potentially dangerous responses. How do I talk about the potential of a concept like freedom in a world that holds the prison industrial complex, child slavery, still-unmitigated worldwide effects of the Atlantic slave trade, border detention camps? What is it to consider freedom in contexts of “not freedom”? Aquarius lives in the tension of this question. Aquarius will always look for the negative space—for what has been left out. 

This full moon in Aquarius sits opposite the Sun in Leo* (conjunct Venus, freshly baptized through her superior conjunction). Leo concerns itself with the flipside of freedom. It’s the fire of freedom that burns in the strength of our hearts. With its roaring YES! Leo wants to know what freedom feels like. Leo knows how to let that feel good.

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.”

—James Baldwin (Leo)

While Aquarius can respond to the call of freedom with the sharp interjection, “But what about not-freedom?,” Leo can shine so bright it blocks out other contexts. In this friction, Aquarius sacrifices the self while Leo clings to it. How do we resist these pitfalls, while still living in that inescapable tension? While still insisting on freedom? What would happen if we decided we didn’t have to choose between the two? 

Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows. 

—Nisargadatta Maharaj

While we are still very much in the Capricorn part of the Saturn story, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about Aquarius. Saturn slides into Aquarius for parts of 2020, and December 2020 sees the Saturn Jupiter conjunction (oft called the great conjunction) at 0° Aquarius. These are part of major shifts. Nobody needs astrology to know any of this; a quick glance at the news should have all of us in the tension of the Aquarius question. All of us have a part to play in creating a freer and more loving world. As fixed signs, Aquarius and Leo often look for “the” fix or a single answer. Remember that this world needs a diversity of tactics. We need to celebrate that. Aquarius reminds Leo that sacrifice is sacred. Leo reminds Aquarius that so is the self. 

This full moon, spend some time thinking about which side of the polarity needs attention right now. Accept that these are long-haul tensions and work to find balance. How do we work towards feeling & cultivating freedom within very loud contexts of not-freedom? How do we do that without detaching? Can we do that and stay sensitive, alive, and joyful? If this is all too much to sit with alone, find your people and talk to them about it. Aquarius and Leo both know how much we need each other in networks of loving solidarity that hold both accountability and applause.

*Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are 180° apart. That means they will always highlight a set of signs that are in opposition to one another.

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Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Squinting at Shadow

As the clouds of summer have burned away to reveal the warm sun of Leo and trines are opening towards beautiful Jupiter, I’d like to take a moment to consider one of the strange minglings of 2019 astrology, Saturn and Jupiter both being in rulership.


Jupiter is the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, mutable energies concerned with blending, hybrid states of warm connection. Jupiter blends experience and thought and creates meaning. Jupiter sits with us when we read a passage in a book that suddenly links a feeling with meaning. Jupiter is with us when find ourselves breaking bread among friends. Jupiter is the energy in your hand as you give that person a five-dollar bill without question or condition. Jupiter is expansion, generosity, meaning, abundance, joy

Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius energies that concern themselves with structure, In Capricorn, Saturn is concerned with structures that already exist and already are imbued with power. It supports authority and systemization.  Saturn separates things and pressurizes them. Ruler of time, Saturn can see beyond the personal and concerns itself with limitation, contraction, control, endings, and hard hard work.

I was lucky enough to attend Leisa Schaim’s talk at the Northwestern Astrological Conference back in May. Her lecture was entitled, “Finding Joy and Meaning in the Birth Chart.” It was a subversive and generous lecture that entered the mind through the heart. Schaim used this map of joy as a means of steering the conversation towards the crucial question of building equity by inscribing political questions into technical considerations. 

Astrology can get stuck in the mud around the personal. Conversations quickly get derailed into “but what does this mean for MY chart?” It’s easy to find ourselves with only one wheel spinning around the me, me, me of it all. Schaim’s lecture expertly steered around the pitfalls and potholes of self-obsession and resisted common poisons of “positivity” like spiritual bypassing and passive aggression. She maintained a shrewdly honed consideration of joy within complicated contexts, discussing how within a traditional techniques the material realities of our lives are as present in our charts  as the psychological ones — an incredibly important distinction that changes the narrative from simply “I’m lucky” to “I’m lucky and a lot of that luck is circumstantial.” I immediately grasped the potency of her work as a political strategy. When time was up and we were all supposed to leave, half the room remained in their seats not wanting the conversation to end. 

A passage of the lecture I continue to find my thoughts returning to is Schaim’s consideration of the negativity bias. 

[E]ven when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature (e.g., unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions; harmful/traumatic events) have a greater effect on one's psychological state and processes than neutral or positive things.[2][3][4] In other words, something very positive will generally have less of an impact on a person's behavior and cognition than something equally emotional but negative.

This year’s Saturn/Jupiter astrology has illuminated this effect. Saturn, traditional astrology’s “greater malefic,” and Jupiter, the “greater benefic,” have been well-resourced in the signs of their own rulership—translating into really good and really bad things happening. As I write, the negativity bias pounds aggressively on my skull. I can imagine many of you barking up, “Good? Really?” I can think of dozens of examples of Saturn (with Pluto and the South Node) in Capricorn (border crisis, rising fascism, the terrorism of gun violence enacted by toxic white masculinity) and I have to work harder to turn my mind back to Jupiter. Like an attentive conductor, I have to keep faithful watch to steer the train of my thoughts away from the chasm of negativity that seems to spread out endlessly in front of me. I think of Schaim’s lecture and the Jupiterian wisdom she imparted. A crucial lens that has me squinting at hope.  

So, let’s talk about that squinting at hope via the technical consideration of the relationship of Capricorn and Sagittarius. While no classic Ptolemaic aspect exists between them, they are in something called “Antiscia” to one another. It’s a special classification of relationship that mitigates the absence of the classical aspect. Antiscia says that while they may not see each other, they can see each other via shadow; they can see each other through a sort of squinting at darkness. Though it’s challenging for a practice like astrology that concerns itself with foresight, a very important part of honoring the prodigious power of these planets is in the squint: Sagittarius/Jupiter insisting on the quest for meaning and Saturn/Capricorn insisting on the restriction & darkness. Antiscia reminds me that, often, shadow is on the horizon, that darkness is what spreads out in rolling landscapes before us. In a sort of inversion of Plato’s cave, much can be learned by looking at shadow. 

“Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act. . . . The future is dark, with a darkness as much of the womb as the grave.”

—Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

There is so much in the relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn in these statements, a queer blending of Jupiterian positivity and Saturnine responsibility. You can almost feel the mingling. I hear the voice of my dear friend Amara in my mind: “Birth happens through great pressure.”

To put it in astrological language, we might consider that Jupiter happens through Saturn. It’s not surprising that this is the actual myth of these two planets. Jupiter is the literal child of Saturn, born into tremendous struggle. Jupiter overthrew his father and liberated his siblings. What blessing was not born of contexts of struggle? Meaning must always follow experience. Jupiter will always be the child of Saturn. Even in shadow-side expressions, unearned Jupiterian privilege finds roots in Saturnine servitude and exploitation. To use Antiscia as a poetic device, one could say that the work of now is squinting at shadow. 

You darkness from which I come,

I love you more than all the fires

that fence out the world,

for the fire makes a circle

for everyone

so that no one sees you anymore.

But darkness holds it all:

the shape and the flame,

the animal and myself,

how it holds them,

all powers, all sight —

and it is possible: its great strength

is breaking into my body.

I have faith in the night.

-Rainer Maria Rilke

I imagine the negativity bias as the undigested children of Saturn sitting in the darkness—the unseen abuses, pain and grief; the absolute terror at the thought of digesting and processing those wounds; the belief that it’s safer to stay swallowed in the belly of the beast then to risk release. Like Saturn, our bodies hold time for us, they remember.  Like Jupiter, our bodies are born holding capacity to liberate our siblings. Like Jupiter, our bodies believe we will win. 



"I tell my students, 'When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.”

—Toni Morrison, Rest in Peace. Thank you

To risk release is to create generative and creative relationships with this darkness, to allow Jupiter to be born of Saturn. Imagine yourself not swallowed in the belly of the beast, but buried in the womb of time. Gestation requires darkness. Practice. Grief is darkness practice. Healing is darkness practice. Intimacy is darkness practice. Hope is darkness practice. As Jupiter prepares to station direct, and as the summer’s insistence on Saturn subsides, I want to write while we have a moment to dream, to hope, to consider joy and meaning.  I want to write while we can squint at Jupiter,  while we can surrender our foresight and watch the prefigurative forms of our futures through the beautiful dance of their shadow. This is a time to unbury your generosity, to invite warmth into the darkness, to find faith in the unknowable. 

“Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency. Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth's treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal... To hope is to give yourself to the future and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable.” 

—Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

*This essay is inspired by the Jupiterian wisdom of Toni Morrison, Leisa Schaim, Rebecca Solnit, Amara Tabor-Smith, Jason Holley, Lynn Bell, and Austin Coppock. Thank you

** To go deeper consider joining my Patreon subscribers club. All subscribers get supplemental material for this essay including a video explaining Antiscia, A long list of Jupiter practices and rituals for working with the astrology, A live session video chat where we’ll discuss Jupiter’s remaining time in Sagittarius.


Illuminating Uranus, New Moon in Leo, and Mercury Direct

Greetings my dears!

I sincerely hope you’ve been feeling the shift in astrological weather. Our retrograde Mercury slid back into the rough waters of Cancer BUT much of the intensity brought up in June and July is softening and hopefully offering itself for processing.  The movements of the personal planets into Leo increase warmth - my hope is it is heating you up beyond the literal and warming the sweetness of your hearts. If you haven’t felt a shift, consciously turning your attention towards the activations in Leo can be helpful. 

Leo is ruled by the sun, something as simple as getting outside feeling the sun's warmth on your skin can make a world of difference to the animal of the body. Something as simple as disengaging from people & contexts that bring toxicity can revolutionize how you feel. Leo rules the stage and the spotlight. As a performer, I know one of the best things about the spotlight is that you can’t see the critics! This Leo season find your way to the people and contexts who applaud & appreciate you. 

There are three astrological events of note this week.  Uranus in Taurus squaring the Sun and Venus in Leo, the new Moon in Leo, and Mercury stationing direct. Use the new moon on Wednesday to combine these energies and commit to an aspect of Uranus inspired change.

There has been so much intensity in Cancer/Capricorn this summer it’s possible aspects of the Uranus transit need attention.  I’m including some writing I did about Uranus in Taurus this Spring. Think back on what you’ve already discovered about Uranus’s time in Taurus. Where are you in the story? What new sprouts/ideas need your attention? Because Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs there should be some material place you can point to. Some very real aspect of your life that is shifting. Now with Leo joining the conversation. It’s time to show up for your shining. Leonine boldness can sweeten the situation.  (Uranus in Taurus May-Nov 2018 & March 2019- 2026)

Uranus is the great awakener. Often compared to Prometheus, Uranus comes bringing some innovation/insight/occurrence/accident that changes the game completely, and often permanently. Like Prometheus’ gift of fire, Uranus transits bring us exciting/terrifying/brand-new tools with which to shape our lives. The shapes these tools take are often intense! Uranus can be a surprise or a shatter, an innovation or an ending. I am reminded of the fine line between excitement and anxiety. 

*As always, these are the general transits. As you are learning astrology, see where these aspects are activating your natal chart. To go deeper, book a reading or inquire about tutoring. 

Moon Day July 29

Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 6 33”

Uranus, the awakener speaks directly to the conscious mind, the sun. How can the sun, the light of day, help reveal and activate the radical changes Uranus is trying to implement? This is particularly important if you have planets or points in the first 10 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) The balsamic moon flows into Cancer in the morning. As the retrograde is culminating and the summer’s messy sloshing of the Cancer waters recedes from the spotlight find time on this dark moon day to tend to the Crab’s remaining wounds. 

Waning Moon - 27 Gemini - 11 Cancer

Mars Day July 30

Deep in her Balsamic phase, the moon will oppose Saturn early morning, trine Neptune late morning, oppose Pluto in the afternoon, and conjoin retrograde Mercury in the evening. This is a dynamic and challenging set of aspects for sweet Luna to encounter.  Remember what you feed is what will grow. What energy do you need to starve? what energy do you need to nourish? 

Waning Moon 11- 26 Cancer 

Mercury Day July 31 

The moon prepares for her new moon rebirth this evening by meeting both Venus and Uranus. Mercury stands ready to turn direct! What a day! This new moon in Leo can support revelations in how you tend to yourself. Leo reminds us that like the sun, we must live from our center. With activations from Uranus, that may include some changes and course corrections. But a loose trine to Jupiter brings a blessing. Dream big & borrow the Lion’s bravery to show up for yourself with a throbbing heart. 

MERCURY DIRECT 8:58pm at 23 57”

New Moon in Leo 8 37” 8:11pm PST

Moon 26 Cancer - 11 Leo

Jupiter Day Aug 1

A warm new moon gets blessed with a trine to brilliant Jupiter early in the day. As the fiery energy is amping up this is a day to seek hope. As Venus prepares to square Uranus remind yourself how crucial your capacity to imagine is. What beauty are you sitting in right now that was once just a day dream. There are major changes afoot. Look for sparkles of inspiration. The moon meets mars, the warrior later in the afternoon which can make the temp spike from warm to hot. Watch for flares! 

Waxing Moon 11 - 26 Leo

Venus Day Aug 2

Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus 6 35”

I’ve found the Uranus story of 2019 sometimes getting buried in the intensity of the activations to the Capricorn axis. Now is the time to turn up the Uranus channel of CHANGE! Currently at 6 degrees of Taurus and preparing to retrograde it’s a good time to think of all that is shifting from the rebel’s trampling around in Taurus (began May-Nov 2018 & March 2019 -now) The sun in Leo, is able to support Venus as she meets with Uranus the awakener.  Let the scales tip from anxiety towards excitement. Venus is Leo has sweetness to bring to the table. 

Waxing Moon 26 Leo - 11 Virgo

Saturn Day Aug 3

The moon weaves a web from planet to planet in a host of interactions today. Keep the Uranus story moving. Sew it into your life. Use the moon in Virgo’s capacity to figure out details so you can weave these shifts into your life in practical AND meaningful ways. 

Moon squares Jupiter / trines Saturn / opposes Neptune / trines Pluto

Waxing Moon 11- 25 Virgo

*I have listed the days of the week according to their planetary correlation

Monday = Moon day

Tuesday = Mars Day

Wednesday = Mercury Day

Thursday = Jupiter Day

Friday = Venus Day

Saturday = Saturn Day

Sunday = Sun Day

Leo Love & Post-Eclipse Processing

Ok, exhale….  Though Venus and retrograde Mercury are still in the Crab’s rough and tumble waters, We are through some of the harshest and most emotionally challenging aspects in astrology of the year. I begin this email sending you love and asking not how you are doing? but how you are undoing?  

Yes, mercury is retrograde, but all that anxiety/dread/depression/haunting/grieving you’ve been feeling is probably not mercury retrograde, but the pull of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node demanding a letting go, an offering, an ending? What has been excavated? what has been/is being grieved? What has been/needs to be released?

This year’s astrology lines up well with the Gregorian calendar. Major periods of difficulty occurred early in the year, smack in the middle, and will amp up at the very end of this year in December. Create meaningful connections between these time frames and remember the undoing process is messy. We have to purge, release, and let go. What is released is often toxic. If we spend too much time with it it will make us sick. We absolutely must go on these underworld journeys, but remember we cannot live there. Don’t build a house in your suffering. 

Allow yourself that processing to make space for the shift in energy. Leo season is coming. Leo’s holy ruler is the SUN. The sun brings light and warmth (awareness and love). It grows what is above ground. We have been in deep underworld journeys - being thrown into the past, the before, the hidden, the residue. Change the tune, let yourself find ways to live above ground, allow yourself to feel the warmth of hope, let yourself bloom visibly. Bask in the sun’s light as a reminder that simply being alive can feel really really good. 

The New Moon in Leo is on July 31st. Mark it with some heart. 

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*As always, these are the general transits. As you are learning astrology, see where these aspects are activating your natal chart. To go deeper, book a reading or inquire about tutoring. 

Sun day* July 21

Sun in Cancer conjunct Mercury in Cancer - Mercury retrogrades back into its inferior conjunction with the Sun. The inferior conjunction is when Mercury sits in the center of the sun’s heat and is brought warmth and wisdom through the sun’s capacity to centralize and illuminate. Use this day to understand that Mercury retrograde is more than just a meme. This is the heart of the reflection. What do you see? Venus completed her opposition to Pluto yesterday, see how deep your vision can go. Ask for information about what built the problem in the first place. 

Moon waning 16 - 28 Pisces 

Moon day, July 22 

Sun into Leo - Leo the domain of the sun! Ruler of light and heart and warmth. I’m very excited for Leo season to get under way. The solar energy is a wonderful counterpoint to all the Saturn of late. Find your way towards warmth, light, visibility, joy, love, and celebration this Leo season. 

Moon waning 28 Pisces - 10 Aries

Mars Day, July 23 

While there are no major aspects today, the moon weaves a queer tapestry of aspects. She squares Saturn, Pluto and trines both Jupiter and Mars. It may be a day to pay extra attention to feel how much gas to use. The gears may grind a bit. Bring your patience and your good intentions, so you can figure out how to lubricate the friction!  With all these personal planets in fire, MOVING may feel great! Direct the fire so you don't get burned by it.

Moon waning 10 Aries - 22 Aries 

Mercury Day,  July 24 

Venus in Cancer conjunct retrograde Mercury in Cancer - We are over half way through this summer’s  mercury retrograde story. What do you know now that you didn’t know in early July. Today Venus sweetens the messenger’s stirrings. Do you need to check in with something? With somebody? By the late afternoon the moon will be in Venus ruled Taurus, which further supports any smoothing or sweetening you might need to do. Venus rules harmony. Don’t forget that you have to listen to find harmony.

Moon waning 22 Aries - 4 Taurus

Jupiter Day,  July 25 

Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sag - May the fires of inspiration and action bless you (not burn you, ha!), this is a lovely fire aspect. Early in the morning, Mars, the planet of will and drive races into flowing forray with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, generosity, and meaning. There has been so much processing necessary with this summer (and this year’s) astrology, some fiery forward thrusting should feel pretty good. Like Sagittarius’s symbol, the centaur, get your horse legs and get going. (With the moon in Taurus today - there may be a jerky energy stop/start to your gate. It’s ok to take time to figure out your pace).

Moon waning 4 Taurus - 17 Taurus

Venus Day,  July 26 

No major aspects today. Dance in the residue of whatever fire is getting activated. But with the moon traversing Venus ruled Taurus, make it a sloooow dance. It’s Venus’s day! She is currently combust the sun - so maybe make an extra effort to enjoy and celebrate yourself.

Moon waning 17 Taurus - 0 Gemini

Saturn Day, July 27 

Venus into Leo - get visible loves! Applaud yourself and your loves! On Saturday night Venus joins the sun and Mars in the lion’s lair!  Leo knows how to love and be loved! What part of your chart is this impacting? Throw a spotlight of celebration and appreciation onto it! With the moon in Gemini Saturday evening - a literal celebration may feel right on time!

Moon waning 0 Gemini - 13 Gemini

*I have listed the days of the week according to their planetary correlation

Monday = Moon day

Tuesday = Mars Day

Wednesday = Mercury Day

Thursday = Jupiter Day

Friday = Venus Day

Saturday = Saturn Day

Sunday = Sun Day

July's eclipses and Mercury Retrograde

Greetings Stargazers!

I am so so happy to be in a moment where I have time to write you all. We just came out of some sensitive astrology - possibly pulverizing for some of you! Mars in Cancer opposing the Capricorn gauntlet provoked a great deal. I saw many folks meeting a limit. Emotional, physical, spiritual, material etc. much frustration, tension, and difficulty emerged in that tender friction. A lot of it emerged in relationships and in the most sensitive layers of the emotional body. If you struggled, know that June 12-18 contained some of the hardest days of the year. Those days are over. Venus will soon head into Cancer (July 3rd) where she will hopefully soothe some of the tears of Mars’ warring.  

Mars leaves Cancer for Leo on July 1st. While Mars in Cancer irritation is subsiding, there is still MAJOR astrology in July hitting some of the same terrain that was activated in June. We are just around the corner from eclipse season. Eclipses are a very big deal in astrology. Imagine experiencing an eclipse out of the context of your knowledge of it - seeing night come flooding into day as the sun is eaten by shadow. It must have been a harrowing experience for our ancestors and it’s no wonder eclipses are hugely important to astrology and that our oldest astrological texts are documents of eclipses. I try and remember these roots of astrology as visual and oracular. Staying near the truth that just because I can understand the material of the phenomena doesn't mean I can’t understand the magic of it. 

As we work in eclipses it’s important to connect them to cycles. This is our second set of eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer this year. The first eclipses were in January. What was happening for you in January? If you know your chart what was happening in your Cancer/Capricorn houses? What about the planets there? 

Light and shadow are absolutely crucial to our understanding of eclipses (and astrology for that matter) and these eclipses are bringing focus to a set of transits that is asking us to do major shadow work. Most of you will have felt the Saturn/ Pluto/ South Node combo in Capricorn bringing up something of the past. Buried material is being excavated and the shadow is making itself known. 

What has come up for you? What did you think was buried that has found its way to the surface? Let these eclipses help bring integration to the light/shadow divide. It’s likely that some scary stuff is being excavated for you (it is very clearly being excavated in the collective) but avoidance, anxiety, and reactionary wailing won't do much to quell the call of Capricorn’s guests. As Capricorn is getting exhumed by the South Node remember that the North Node in Cancer is asking to be fed. Cancer, ruled by the moon great archetype of the mother, is asking for a more watery interdependence, foundations of love based on the languages of reciprocal care. 

Cancer and Capricorn speak to compulsory contexts of belonging: Capricorn the formal and Cancer the emotional. Both remind us how deeply NOT in control we are. So much of western, and especially American values are shaped around individuality. I often think of astrology and new age circles’ interest in past lives. (I am not a past life astrologer and claim no expertise on the subject) but I am sometimes troubled by the fact that in spiritual circles how easy it is to discuss past lives without discussing the past lives of our material ancestors. The same circles that will enthusiastically discuss hypothetical histories will willfully avoid conversations about reparations and retro-active responsibilities to time. We can get lost in hypothetical meandering of spiritual projections on ourselves and others without having to look at what is also our “past life”- the life of our kin- our fathers, sisters, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, the extended family of a very imperfect and very long us. 

White-supremacist patriarchy has infected us with the belief that we can cut cords with time, relationship, context. I am completely certain that part of the shedding and purging in Capricorn is about an understanding of our “past lives,” the lives of our ancestors and our responsibilities towards them. Both in a proximal and distal sense a lot of te work of now is the work of what has already happened….As these eclipses speak, keep your eye on the shadow that makes itself visible. Don’t run from it. You knew it when you were a child, your shadow follows you everywhere. Best to get to know it. Be gentle and be kind to yourself and to others. 

Smack dab in the middle of eclipse season, Mercury will station retrograde on July 7th in Leo (then fall back into Cancer). It stations in a close conjunction to Mars which adds some fuel to the queer fire of these eclipses. 

Wednesday, June 26th Mercury moves into Leo - Mercury enjoys a brief moment in Leo where it gets a fiery boost before it heads retrograde and back into Cancer. Use June 26- July 6th to speak your bold and beautiful truth with all the heart of the lovely Lion. A dose of flair and warm creativity should feel really good in the soup of some of the other astrology. Careful not to ego-trip though. Drama is best left for the stage!

Thursday, June 27th Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus- For many of y’all there’s a whole new Taurus story brewing in your chart. Use Thursday to check in on the innovation. (Particularly important for those of you with fixed placements in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius btw 3-7 degrees). 

Monday, July 1st Mars into Leo - Praises Mars is finally GTFO of Cancer where it has been woefully under resourced and unhappy. It’s movement into Leo is a welcome shift away from some of the  passive aggressive tension of June. GET MOVING! Be bold but remember Leo’s shadow is ego! 

Tuesday, July 2nd 12:22 PDT Solar eclipse in Cancer

Wednesday, July 3rd Venus into Cancer - Venus can help bring some sweetness to the wounds provoked by Mars’ time in Cancer. Are there wounds in your relationships that need tending? Let Venus bring a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Love your people well. 

Tuesday, July 4th Saturn on the south node

Sunday, July 7th Mercury in Leo station retrograde - Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating hiccups in communication, commerce, and technology. All of these are places where Mercury’s speed and clarity are important. Delays, miscommunications, and malfunctions are annoying but they are manageable. This retrograde, I recommend imagining Mercury getting a sweet retreat in the waters of Cancer. Remember how wildly important your mind is. Slow down. Give it rest. Give it water. Give it space.

Monday July 8th Mercury in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo - Them’s fighting words! Watch your mouth, or don’t! But know others might be watching your mouth. Know that this is a fiery combo of flair and fan-flaming friction!

Tuesday, July 9th Sun in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn - Not the easiest day. The sun settles it’s bright beams on Saturn’s austerity. A day for working hard and reflecting on responsibility. 

New Moon in Aries

I don’t wanna be a downer but the internet has made new moons into cash cows for the peddling of plastic promises of new new newness. Our obsession with newness/manifesting/growth is wildly problematic. We, quite literally, are in a crisis of letting go in favor of new growth and manifesting. We toss so much out in exchange for shinier fresher models. It seems we give much less focus to maintenance.

New moons are incredibly important times for all that beautiful oft-spoke of intention setting, etc. But every new moon is different in how it is woven into the surrounding astrology.

Of all the signs, Aries is the one most in line with the idea of new and fresh. It is the least concerned with responsibilities to the past and the relational. It says ready, set, GTFO my way! I’m doing ME! At first glance, an Aries new moon seems ripe for all the platitudes about fresh beginnings, new starts, and new fire. But it’s crucial to remember that when we are looking at astrology, we are looking at relationships. So as we look at this new moon, we must look at what it constellates with.

Vernal Equinox + Full Moon

I’m a giddy buzzing hummingbird-heart feeling the sun’s return. This year’s equinox is marked by a beautiful full moon at the auspicious zero degree of Libra. Zero is dripping with potential.

Technically, a full moon is when the sun sits opposite the moon. So, if we know the full moon is at zero degrees of Libra then it follows that the sun is at zero degrees of Aries. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, they begin at the equinox points and (like all the cardinal signs) welcome new seasons.

Taking the technical astrology a step further, we look at which signs planets rule Aries and Libra. Aries is ruled by Mars, Libra by Venus. During the full moon, these two planets will be forming a square. Squares denote frictive energy, provocative, and not necessarily “easy.” There might be some frustration or impatience.

A Very Murky Mercury Retrograde and Uranus into Taurus!

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces today! It’s already been a wonky ride with Mercury in Pisces mingling with Neptune. It’s gonna get wonkier!  Be open to the rocking of the waves and the feelings they provoke. If you’re finding yourself in murkiness that’s to be expected. Go slow, listen to your body, follow feeling, be patient. I wrote a piece HERE.

Tomorrow New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. These are days to be led by faith, my dears.  A major theme of 2019 is the sweet squaring btw Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter rules faith and is the traditional ruler of both of these signs. This new moon is carried by a strong Jupiter. Let it point you towards faith, trust, and feeling. Pour your love and energy into vessels that inspire a sense of hope. These are the crucial containers worthy of your sweetest dreams.

Full Moon in Virgo

Monday and Tuesday come with a queer blending of astrological energies. Monday, Venus in Capricorn will conjunct austere Saturn, and Mercury will conjunct intoxicating Neptune in Pisces. Early Tuesday morning, we get a full moon in Virgo, opposing the Sun right as it slides out of Aquarius and into Pisces. It’s an odd blend of hard and soft.

Mercury rules Virgo, so Mercury is responsible for this full moon. Virgo is typically a sign that sees the specifics - committed to perfection through logical execution and dedication. With Mercury in a conjunction with Neptune, Mercury’s capacity for exacting clarity is compromised by Neptune’s love of dissolving details. Since this conjunction happens in Pisces (the sign of Mercury’s detriment), it’s a cloudy filter to lay over Virgo’s drive for clarity. Considering it’s a full moon, this is a recipe for a soup of mixed emotions.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury has many many roles: the shape-shifter, the psychopomp, the magic of the mind, all forms of communication, the craftsperson, the salesperson, the market. But I wanna focus on Mercury as our mental landscape. Mercury gives us capacity to travel with the mind to places we dare not go with our flesh and blood. As anyone with thoughts knows, this is a miraculous blessing, and a nightmare of a curse. It’s no wonder that Mercury is often characterized as a “neutral” energy: neither inherently good or bad. Mercury responds to what surrounds it, to contexts, to stimulus. Our minds function similarly. The contexts of our living create the landscapes of our minds. We follow suit by allowing the landscapes of our minds to create the contexts of our living. All this to say, Mercury is powerful. Your mind is powerful.

Mars Square Pluto

Astrologically, Pluto's domain is full of deeply buried intense material, formidable power, unconscious energies, past traumas, grief, death, transformation.

Such intense material needs protection. It's not surprising that mythologically Pluto's domain, the underworld was guarded by a three headed dog, Cerberus.

Mars is a warrior energy of conflict and confrontation. In it's own sign of Aries, Mars is very strong and holds the sword ready to defend us.

These two squaring off is a provoking energy and a volatile one. It’s an energy likely to stir the sword and wake the defense of the dog. Power and defense are activated!

Into 2019: a very Capricorn Week

There are many powerful themes to 2019’s astrology. Including some meaty energy for our sense of hope, expansion, creativity, and spirituality. There’s also a sober and serious energy at play throughout the year. Remember that astrology isn’t about points, but about relationships between points. Many things happen simultaneously. A web is always at work. Let’s look at a few things happening in this first week of 2019.

2019 brings the eclipses, by and large, to the Cancer Capricorn axis. The Cancer Capricorn axis* is extremely potent in how it speaks to our deepest needs for growth, both internally and externally. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, concerns itself with where we sacrifice and work beyond what feels easy. It rewards hard work.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has a crucial role (one of many) as a messenger. Its purpose is transmission.
It's easy to fall into crises of meaning around truth: what is real, what is clear, what are the facts? My mind turns to the title of Yvonne Rainer’s autobiography “Feelings Are Facts.” She is not wrong, but like language, the fact of feeling is positioned in a big gigantic landscape of subjectivity. Something can be true in one location but not everywhere else.

We’ve been in DEEP feeling time. Venus’ retrograde and Jupiter’s finale in Scorpio have dug into deep wells. We have excavated much of that personal and crucial subjective truth.

Full Moon in Taurus

This full moon comes with some pretty tectonic shake-ups. We’ve been, for several months, experiencing the rumble of Uranus in Taurus (it played into the summer’s Mars retrogrades and is now dancing with Venus’ rewind). Uranus is a volatile sparkle of change! This smacks the Taurus drive for certainty and stability right across the face. Many of us have been finding ourselves in overwhelming jaw agape WTF moments.

Full moons are already times of heightened emotional frequency. They often have us acting out. The sun opposes the moon and makes visible all her emotional glory. With the moon conjunct Uranus the potential for this is heightened and made more precarious.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde: every year and a half, Venus goes retrograde for 40 days. Venus is responsible for how we exchange energy, whether that is in our loving relationships or how we are compensated for our efforts.

Retrogrades are times for revision. They sometimes reroute our courses into currents of challenge, but it’s good to remember that often the challenge of retrogrades give us a period for the necessary work of processing. We look backwards and consider where we have been, not just where we are going. Venus retrograde in particular asks us to remember that shadow is an inextricable relationship to light.